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Babysitting takes a turn for the worst

Could you make it as a babysitter? What if the baby isn’t actually a baby? The Baby in Yellow is a free horror game wherein you play as the babysitter. Everything appears normal; you’ve fed the baby and changed his nappy. You watch television to pass the time—only to discover that the baby has made it to his parents’ bedroom. He cries incessantly but nothing seems to soothe him, so it looks like you're in for a long night.

Who is the baby in yellow? 

The game begins with you inside the home. Other than you and the baby, there is no one else in there. It’s a plain yet modern house—there are no photos, notes, or items that will give you clues as to who the baby’s parents are. All that’s left to do is tend to the baby. You will find the game’s chapter and instructions on the left side of your screen. 

Instructions are broken down step-by-step. For example, your first task is to feed the baby. Underneath this are bullet points on where to get the bottle and how to give the milk to the baby. The only note missing from the list of steps is that you can only carry one item at a time. This means you will need to sit the baby down in his chair before giving the milk. 

Dropping the baby will not cause a commotion, but the lack of feeding will. As the game progresses, tasks will continuously be updated. Other than soothing the baby, the game does not have points or rewards. This allows you to test the game’s limits; you can keep dismissing the baby until he reveals his true self. For example, you can use the ragdoll physics of the game to stuff the baby in unusual places.

A short yet horrifying game 

The Baby in Yellow is a suitable babysitter simulation game for users of all skill levels. It’s a straightforward game that’s easy to play, as you will only need to click and drag certain items. In addition, you can play around with the flexible game mechanics. Brave players can get a thrill out of provoking the strange little baby. 


  • Flexible game mechanics
  • Easy-to-follow storyline
  • Thrilling gameplay


  • Played in first-person perspective which limits gameplay interactions

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